War Memorials of Wisconsin

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As stated on our Home page our mission is to "locate and document every War Memorial on public display in Wisconsin". WMW volunteers are methodically visiting each reported location to document the memorial with photos. In doing so WMW has learned that cannons, tanks, and planes do get moved ... within the same city, or to a different city, or a different state, or come under private ownership.

If WMW cannot confirm an earlier report after an on-site visit and interviews with city officials (e.g. police and parks departments) and/or local veteran's posts then that memorial listing is removed from the city and military hardware pages, and moved to this archive page.

Type of Memorial Memorial City & Specifics      (Dates are those of listing Added / Removed from WMW)
Armor M114 command & recon. carrier Dickeyville, WI     (unknown / 06Nov13)
It was decided by VFW Post 6455 that this memorial was not wanted any longer so it was returned to the U.S. government.
Armor M60A3 tank Melrose, WI     (unknown / 16Oct11)
During an on-site visit 03Sep WMW could not locate this tank in this very small city. It was listed at the same address (W. Hogg St. & 3rd St.) as the M4A3 Sherman tank; but only the M4 is at this location. The Am. Legion Post 439 post associated with both the M4 & M60 listings is two blocks away at 303 N. Washington St. There is no M60 there either. Finally, this Melrose M60 listing included a SN of 3894A which most likely was obtained from Neil Baumgardner's USA AFV listing, but the 20May2011 version only lists the M4A3 in Melrose. Based on this info the Melrose M60 is removed from this website's listings.
Armor M60A3 tank Blue River, WI     (06Feb10 / 06Sep11)
During an on-site visit 21Mar10 WMW could not locate this tank in this very small city. On 06Sep11 it was noticed that our website listing for both Boscobel and Blue River list the same SN 6903 M60 with the same VFW Post 10393 but at different addresses. The Blue River listing originally came from Neil Baumgardner's USA AFV listing but this Blue River address must have been for a VFW post member. With photos taken of the Boscobel M60 confirming that it is SN 6903 it now becomes appropriate to remove the Blue River M60 listing.
Armor M114 command & recon. carrier Neenah, WI     (unknown / 05Sep11)
During an on-site visit on 07Aug11 to the reported location of 84th I.D. Hdqtrs at Towerview Rd & Discovery Dr. it was learned that the M114 and headquarters both had been moved; location unknown. On 05Sep11 it was noted that this same M114 RN 12T6366 is now listed in Neil Baumgardner's USA AFV list at the 84th Div. Hdqtrs at Fort McCoy. Unfortunately at this new location this M114 is not on public display so therefore the listing is removed from this website.
Helicopters AH-1 Cobra helicopter Lyndon Station, WI     (unknown / 01Sep11)
During an on-site visit 06Aug10 WMW could not find this helicopter anywhere in this small city which was listed with VFW Post 5970 of 147 Oak St. The VFW's M60A3 was found at that location but not the Cobra. In late Aug11 a WMW contributer visited this city for the purposes of finding and photographing this Cobra. He reported back that "there is no helicopter there, I asked about and was deferred to New Lisbon". Our conclusion is that either the original report was in error or that this Cobra has since been moved. On this date this note was removed from the AH-1 Cobra page: "The following Cobras are listed below as having the same serial number (68-15123): Lyndon Station and Lowell. A visit to each memorial will hopefully clear up the issue."
Armor M60A3 tank Mayville, WI     (06Feb10 / 27Aug11)
During an on-site visit 30Oct10 WMW learned that at one time Am. Legion Post 69 had this tank on display. But when they relocated to 134 Main St. South they gave up this tank. One Post 69 member WMW talked with thought it went to the post in Horicon. But the people talked with at the Am. Legion Post 157 in Horicon say their M60 did not come from Mayville. This listing came from the USA Historical AFV Register, which had no SN listed for this M60. This tank is likely still in the state waiting to be rediscovered by WMW.
Artillery M1908 4.7" howitzer Mayville, WI     (unknown / 27Aug11)
Was listed with the Mayville Rifle Club on Breckenridge Street. An on-site visit 30Oct10 found an empty lot. Townspeople confirmed that the club and the cannon used to be on this empty lot. In a later phone call to the Mayville Gun Club at their new location 4 miles North of town, WMW was told that the cannon was given to the Mayville Am. Legion Post. If this was the case; it is not anymore as the Mayville Am. Legion Post has no military hardware memorials on display.
Artillery M1908 4.7" howitzer Waukesha, WI     (unknown / 27Aug11)
Was listed in "Legion Park". This park not found using various internet mapping tools. A visit to Waukeska 29Oct10 came up empty handed. No one in town was aware of any cannons other than the civil war cannons at Cutler Park. Talked with several local people and and learned that there was at one time an Am. Legion post with a cannon but that the cannon is no longer there and the property has been sold. The only Am. Legion post currently listed in Waukesha, Post 8 has a website that lists their meetings being held at the Elk Lodge building at 2301 Springdale Rd. A Dual-Maps look of this site using Bird-eye View does not show a cannon.
Artillery M1835 12-pdr bronze mountain howitzer Rhine, WI     (unknown / 22Aug11)
Was listed at the Rhine Center Cemetery. An on-site visit 06Aug11 could not locate. We talked with a Rhine city resident who said there was not a cemetery named "Rhine Center Cemetery but he directed us 1 mile North and 1 mile West of town to a small abandoned cemetery that he said had some Civil War veterans buried in it. We found this cemetery at the corner of County EH and Little Elkhart Lake Rd (N 43.87655 / W 87.98212 ... is listed as the "Christain Cemetery" on DualMaps). Fortunately it had been recently mowed so that we were assured that nothing was hidden in the tall grass. It is a very small cemetery with only 10-15 gravestones ... and no cannnon. Previous to the trip we did an internet search for cemeteries near Rhine and on this page (http://www.city-data.com/city/Rhine-Wisconsin.html) about half way down is a listing of area cemeteries. We visited the 5 closest cemeteries to Rhine (Elkhart Lake, Miller, St. George, St. John German Evanvangelical, and Liberty) and did not find a civil war cannon. Our conclusion is that this M1835 12-pdr has been removed from its earlier reported location. The same knowledgable Rhine city resident mentioned earlier also directed us to the Civil War monument South of town that is also listed on the Rhine page.
Armor M60A3 tank Abbotsford, WI     (unknown / 23May11)
During an on-site visit 08May11 WMW could not find this tank anywhere in this small city. WMW independently talked with 3 different townspeople who all said that there is no tank in town but each one said there is one in Colby; which is only 1 mile South of Abbotsford. It is possible that the original Abbotsford report was in error ... mistaken for the Colby tank.
Helicopters AH-1 Cobra helicopter Wild Rose, WI     (unknown / 22May11)
During an on-site visit 07May11 WMW could not find this helicopter anywhere in this small city. WMW independently talked with 4 different townspeople who all said that there is no helicopter in town. Upon returning home WMW researched the internet and found this comment "This Cobra is not actually displayed at the Legion, but rather is stored on a trailer kept on the property of a post member" on this webpage: http://www.aerialvisuals.ca/LocationDossier.php?Serial=4096. So given this report that it is NOT on public display it does not qualify for inclusion on the WMW website. Hopefully some day it will go on permanent display so that this helo (66-15302) can be included in WMW. The unlinked Wild Rose city page remains in the "municipalities" folder.
Armor M41 Walker Bulldog tank Cudahy, WI     (21Feb10 / 13Nov10)
This 'addressless' listing for the Polish Legion of American Veterans Post 172 was added based on info from the USA Historical AFV Register. Attempts at finding an address for Post 172 were unsuccessful. A visit to Cudahy 29Oct10 come up empty handed. WMW stopped at city hall and talked with several people including the mayor. They were not aware of a tank on display in the city nor a Post 172 location. The M41 in New Berlin is located close to Cudahy so perhaps that created the confusion.
Armor M47 Patton I tank New Berlin, WI     (unknown / 13Nov10)
WMW had two tank listings for VFW Post 5716; a M41 Walker Bulldog and a M47 Patton I. The Dual-Maps Bird's Eye view only shows the M41. During an on-site visit 29Oct10 WMW talked with a VFW member and he said the M41 is the only tank they have ever had. Due to the similarity in appearance between the M41 and the M47 it is likely the M47 was reported separately in error.
Aircraft C-119 Flying Boxcar Milwaukee, WI     (26Feb10 / 15Sep10)
This listing was added due to spotting the C-119 on Dual-Maps Bird's Eye view while mapping the F-4 Phantom II at the 440th Refueling Group location. It was later learned from Thomas Hirt of Switzerland that this plane was moved in Aug06 to the Niagara Falls, NY area (at 43 07 13 N 78 56 28 W).
Aircraft T-33 Shooting Star Milwaukee, WI     (26Feb10 / 15Sep10)
This listing was added due to spotting the T-33 on Dual-Maps Bird's Eye view while mapping the F-4 Phantom II at the 440th Refueling Group location. It was later learned from Thomas Hirt of Switzerland that this plane is the same T33 that WMW was already aware of at VFW Posts 8343 & 11038 in Waterford, WI.
Artillery M1841 12-pdr bronze field gun Prairie du Chien, WI     (unknown / to do)
Was listed at the Villa House. An on-site visit 21Mar10 could not locate. The list of Wisc. Civil War cannons maintained by the Robinson's Artillery website lists this gun as made by Marshall in 1861, foundry no. unknown, registry no. 37; but in storage at the Villa blockhouse. Since this gun is not on public display it is moved to the archive section.
Artillery M1897 3.2" field gun Burlington, WI     (unknown / to do)
Was listed with no address. WMW visited Burlington on 04Sep10 with the first stop being the police department. Talked with 2 employees including one officer and neither was aware of a cannon in town. Drove to Veterans Memorial Park by Echo Lake and walked around, but failed to locate a cannon. Talked with other locals at this park about a cannon but no one knew of one in town. Came home and did a Dual-mapping street level tour of each of the many parks in town but could not find a cannon. A nearly identical M1885 3.2" field gun is in nearby Waterford; so perhaps that gun was mistakenly reported for Burlington. Or perhaps it was moved from Burlington to Waterford at some point in time.
Artillery M1908 6" howitzer Kenosha, WI     (unknown / to do)
Was listed with no address. WMW visited Kenosha on 05Sep10. While in Eichelman Park to photograph the M1898 7" siege howitzer, WMW talked to a city park employee as to the whereabouts of the M1908 6' howitzer. He was aware of the 75 mm pack howitzer in Red Arrow Park but said the other cannon used to be in Kennedy Park but was removed and "disappeared" (using his words). He asked another park employee on the radio and that guy had the same knowledge as the one being talked with. WMW traveled to Kennedy Park and found a concrete pad with 3 steel loops that had been cut off, by the flagpole. This was obviously the former location of a cannon.