War Memorials of Wisconsin

M1885 & M1897 3.2 inch field guns

The M1885 & M1897 3.2 Inch Field Guns were very similar early model breech-loader rifles; with the differences being minor details of design and construction. One hundred of the M1885 were build, and 262 of the M1897. These guns had a black powder bag charge separate from the projectile, and had no recoil system. They were used in the Spanish-American War in Cuba and the Phillipines.

There are 2 known 3.2 inch field guns on display in Wisconsin.  They are at the following locations:

City Located Photo(s) Gun info Mount info Location GPS Map(s)
Burlington, WI n/a M1897 ? ? ? n/a
Waterford, WI M1885: Watervliet Arsenal, No.8, 1889 ? corner of Hwys 20/83 (S 1st St)
and N. River Road
N 42 45.479'
W 88 12.738'

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