War Memorials of Wisconsin

About War Memorials of Wisconsin

The project got it's roots back quite a few years with it's grandfather, Dave Hartung. After meeting Dave back in about 1994, we soon became good friends. Then it happened one Friday night in 2000 while out for fish at American Legion Post #38 in Grand Chute, WI. Dave revealed to me that he thought it would nice to compile a listing of all known war memorials in the state and publish a book with the complete list. People would then be able to find out more about this great state and the rich military heritage we so often forget. I thought it was a great idea but didn't quite know how to approach it. After tossing the idea around for a few years I decided that the best way to do this is to publish the "book" on the internet. That way a larger percentage of the population would have access to the vast amounts of information contained herein.

Looking back I realize how naive both Dave and I were. After all how many memorials could there be. We figured there could only be a handful. Now it looks like just about every burg in the state has a memorial of some sort. At last count we have complied over 100 monuments and the list grows everyday.

Thank you for allowing me to teach you more about our great state.

Robert Buettner

A photo contributor for several years, John started "ghost writing" webpages for Robert in early 2009.  By the fall of 2009 his role had expanded to that of co-webmaster.  He has had an interest in military hardware of all types for over 40 years.

John Anderson