War Memorials of Wisconsin

Memorials in Kenosha, Wisconsin

There are 10 known memorials in Kenosha, WI:

Type of Memorial Memorial Photo(s) Location GPS Map(s) Date Obtained
Artillery M1A1 75mm pack howitzer Red Arrow Park,
17th Ave and 84th Pl
N 42 33.137'
W 87 49.756'
Artillery M1908 6 inch field howitzer n/a ? ? n/a ?
Artillery M1898 7 inch siege howitzer Eichelman Park,
61st & 3rd Ave. at lakefront
N 42 34.782'
W 87 48.876'
Markers 1st Wisconsin Cavalry see below Greenridge Cemetery
East side, 7th Ave. & 68th St.
? n/a 20Jun1917
Markers Veterans Memorial Fountain n/a Navy Park Annex N 42 35.258'
W 87 49.166'
Ships Subs Torpedoes Mark 16 torpedo Navy Memorial Park,
52nd St & Kenosha Harbor
N 42 35.251'
W 87 49.135'
Statues Soldier Monument see below Greenridge Cemetery,
East side, 7th Ave. & 68th St.
? n/a 1889
Statues Abraham Lincoln
and John Hay
see below Carthage College ? n/a 1997
Statues Abraham Lincoln see below Simmons Library Park,
711 59th Place
N 42 34.890'
W 87 49.138'
Statues Winged Victory see below Simmons Library Park,
711 59th Place
N 42 34.879'
W 87 49.173'


1st Wisconsin Cavalry marker
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In Kenosha's Greenridge Cemetery, a granite block marks where the camp of the 1st Wisconsin Cavalry encamped after it came there from Ripon. It was dedicated on June 20, 1917, during the Wisconsin GAR Department Encampment in Kenosha. Located on the west side of the cemetery.

Soldier Monument
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Kenosha philanthropist Zalmon G. Simmons deeded a cemetery lot to the Fred Lovell GAR Post #230. In 1889, he erected a pedestal of scotch granite with a 6 foot 3 inch figure of an infantry man. The soldier stands guard over the graves of one Mexican War, 18 Civil War and numerous World War soldiers' graves. The statue weighs 13, 260 pounds and cost Simmons $994. It was constructed by Joseph Shaver Marble & Granite Company, Milwaukee. Located on east side of cemetery, near 7th Avenue and 68th Street.

Abraham Lincoln and John Hay Statue
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In 1997, a bronze grouping of Abraham Lincoln and his private secretary, John Hay, was dedicated at Kenosha's Carthage College. "A Learning Moment" by Kenosha sculptor Michael Martino stands in front of the David A. Straz Center. The grouping focuses on Lincoln's inspiration and wisdom. John Hay later became one of America's most respected Secretaries of State.

Abraham Lincoln Statue
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To commemorate the centennial of Abraham Lincoln's birthday, this bronze and granite scultpure by Charles Niehaus was dedicated in 1909 in Simmons Library Park. The monument cost $6,000 and was given to the city by Orla M. Calkins. Unfortunately, Calkins died before seeing the monument dedicated.

On Memorial Day 1927, the last five Kenosha Civil War veterans posed with the sculpture.

Winged Victory Statue
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On May 30, 1900, Kenosha philanthropist Zalmon G. Simmons presented this impressive monument to the city of Kenosha. "Winged Victory" consists of a 12-foot bronze Civil War Nike (symbol of victory) standing on top of a 60-foot corinthian column made of grey vermont granite. It stands in the Simmons Library Park.