War Memorials of Wisconsin

M1835 12-pounder bronze mountain howitzer

The 4.62 inch caliber smoothbore M1835 12-pounder bronze mountain howitzer saw more American frontier service than any other artillery gun. The lightweight bronze tube mounted on a prairie carriage made it portable and practical for rough terrain. In mountainous country, the mountain howitzer could be disassembled and transported by three mules or horses. One horse or mule carried the barrel, the carriage was carried on another mule, and the ammunition was carried on a third.

There is 1 known M1835 12-pounder bronze mountain howitzer on display in Wisconsin.  It is at the following location:

City Located Photo(s) Gun info* Mount info Location GPS Map(s)
Madison, WI Ames, 46
1863, No.45
wooden carriage Wisconsin Veterans Museum,
W Mifflin St., state capitol square
N 43 04.457'
W 89 23.123'

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