War Memorials of Wisconsin

M47 Patton I tank

The M47 Patton was the first US tank designed from scratch after WWII.  The tank was named after General George S. Patton and went into production April, 1951.  About 8,576 M47's were built between 1951 and 1953 and very few examples remain in the US, as many were transferred to NATO countries once the M48 became available.

There are 2 known M47 Pattons on display in Wisconsin.  They are at the following locations:

City Located Photo(s) Model Number Serial No. /
Registration No.
Location GPS Map(s)
Evansville, WI M47 ?
Am. Legion Post 35 memorial,
Lake Leota Park along Hwy 59
N 42 47.087'
W 89 17.967'
Holmen, WI M47 SN 473
city park near corner of Holmen Rd (Hwy 53/35) & Gaardner Rd N 43 57.321
W 91 15.603

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