War Memorials of Wisconsin

Aircraft Memorials

Wisconsin is fortunate to be home to the EAA AirVenture museum in Oshkosh. This is one of the largest collections of aircraft in the United States.   The bulk of the Wisconsin aircraft memorials are from this one location.   We are also fortunate that a good number of aircraft, armor, and artillery are preserved and displayed at the Wisconsin National Guard Museum at Volk Field near Camp Douglas.   However, there are still quite a few other aircraft located throughout the state.

This large listing of models is divided into 2 sections: propeller aircraft and jet aircraft.  Each section is arranged alphabetically by model designation.

Section 1:  Propeller Aircraft Memorials

Model Designation Type of
of Origin
on Display
B-17 Flying Fortress bomber USA 1 05/19/2004
B-25 Mitchell bomber USA 2 01/31/2004
C-47 Dakota cargo USA 1 01/31/2004
C-97 Stratofreighter cargo USA 1 10/11/2009
D.H.82 Tiger Moth trainer Britain 1 07/16/2004
D.H.98 Mosquito bomber Britain 1 07/16/2004
F4U Corsair fighter USA 1 03/23/2004
HA1112 Buchon fighter Spain/Germany 1 07/16/2004
J2F Duck utility USA 1 07/16/2004
JN4 Jenny trainer USA 1 03/23/2004
KC-97 Stratotanker tanker USA 1 01/31/2004
L-5 Grasshopper utility USA 1 07/16/2004
M-62 (PT-19) Cornell trainer USA 1 07/16/2004
P-38 Lightning fighter USA 2 07/16/2004
P-51 Mustang fighter USA 3 01/31/2004
P-64 (NA-50) fighter USA 1 07/16/2004
PQ-14 target drone USA 1 07/16/2004
PT-3 Husky trainer USA 1 07/16/2004
Spitfire fighter Britain 1 07/16/2004

Section 2:  Jet Aircraft Memorials

Model Designation Type of
of Origin
on Display
A-7 Corsair II attack USA 4 02/23/2010
A-10 Thunderbolt II attack USA 1 01/31/2004
F-4 Phantom II fighter USA 2 01/31/2004
F9F Panther fighter USA 1 08/13/2004
F-16 Fighting Falcon fighter USA 1 02/20/2010
F-80 Shooting Star fighter USA 1 02/26/2010
F-84 Thunderjet fighter USA 1 07/16/2004
F-84 Thunderstreak fighter USA 2 09/24/2004
F-86 Sabre fighter USA 7 02/16/2004
F-89 Scorpion fighter USA 1 07/14/2004
F-100 Super Sabre fighter USA 1 01/31/2004
F-102 Delta Dagger fighter USA 2 01/31/2004
F-105 Thunderchief fighter USA 1 01/31/2004
MiG-15 "Fagot" fighter China/Russia 1 07/16/2004
MiG-21 "Fishbed" fighter China/Russia 1 07/16/2004
T-33 Shooting Star trainer USA 9 10/10/2010

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