War Memorials of Wisconsin

Ship, Submarine, and Torpedo Memorials

Wisconsin has many bodies of water, but not many naval related memorials. The guns listed below are also listed in the breech-loader section of Artillery.

Model Designation Memorial
of Origin
on Display
40mm/56 caliber anti-aircraft gun USA 1 09/15/2010
Maxim-Nordenfelt 6-pdr. deck gun Spain 1 10/24/2009
3"/50 caliber deck gun USA 1 12/13/2009
Mark 13 16" projectile USA 1 05/21/2011
Gato Class submarine USA 1 02/22/2004
Mark 14 torpedo USA 1 08/23/2011
Mark 16 torpedo USA 1 09/24/2010
Mark 27 torpedo USA 1 08/23/2011

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