War Memorials of Wisconsin

Military Markers and Monuments

Almost every municipality has at least one marker or monument to honor the military.

City Located Marker Name Photo(s) Location GPS Map(s)
Ashland, WI Blue Star Highway ? ? n/a
Berlin, WI To Our Soldier Dead Monument n/a ? ? n/a
Black River Falls, WI Jackson County War Dead Jackson County Memorial Park N 44 17.362'
W 90 51.894'
Black River Falls, WI Jackson County WWII Dead Jackson County Memorial Park N 44 17.362'
W 90 51.894'
Boscobel, WI Memorial to Unknown Dead n/a Veterans Park,
Pearl St. & Mound St.
? n/a
Cadott, WI Chippewa County Veterans Wisconsin Veterans Tribute,
I-29 and Hiway 27
N 44 56.216'
W 91 08.841'
Delafield, WI Cushing Memorial n/a Cushing Park ? n/a
Delafield, WI Memorial to unknowns n/a ? ? n/a
Elroy, WI Roll of Honor 402 Franklin St.
(1 block east of Hwy. 80)
N 43 44.305'
W 90 16.103'
Hales Corners, WI Col. Jerome Watrous Memorial n/a Memorial Oak Grove, NE of Whitnall Park G.C.Clubhouse ? n/a
Hillsboro, WI Admiral Marc Mitscher E18088 Hwy 33
(West edge of town)
N 43 39.161'
W 90 21.163'
Kenosha, WI 1st Wisconsin Cavalry n/a Greenridge Cemetery
East side, 7th Ave. & 68th St.
? n/a
Kenosha, WI Veterans Memorial Fountain n/a Navy Park Annex N 42 35.258'
W 87 49.166'
Lone Rock, WI 6th Wisconsin Battery
Light Artillery Monument
n/a Battery Park ? n/a
Lyndon Station, WI To All Who Served 160 Wright Street (Cty N) N 43 42.814'
W 89 53.856'
Milwaukee, WI Lincoln Speech Site Marker n/a 13th and Wells Streets
Southwest corner
? n/a
Rhine, WI Civil War Veterans n/a Rhine Memorial Park,
corner of Rhine Rd. & County FF
N 43 50.870'
W 87 57.681'
Stockbridge, WI Soldiers & Sailors of the World War 1917-18 East side of Hwy 55 just South
of intersection with County F
N 44 02.102'
W 88 17.964'
Waukesha, WI 3-pounder "Railsplitter" Monument n/a Cutler Park, W Wisconsin Ave between N Grand Ave & Maple St N43 00.572'
W 88 13.925'