War Memorials of Wisconsin

Memorials in Lone Rock, Wisconsin

There is 1 known memorial in Lone Rock, WI:

Type of Memorial Memorial Photo(s) Location GPS Map(s) Date Obtained
Markers 6th Wisconsin Battery
Light Artillery Monument
see below Battery Park ? n/a ?


6th Wisconsin Battery Light Artillery Monument
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When you drive into the village of Lone Rock from the north on highway 130 you pass by what is known as "Battery Park." A bronze monument some 15 feet high is easily visible on the east portion of the park. No one is buried there, but on the monument is this inscription:

Erected to the Memory
of the 6th Wisconsin Battery
Light Artillery

The 6th Wisconsin Battery was organized by Henry Dillon of Lone Rock, who was afterwards elected as captain. Most of the recruits came from Richland county though there were some from adjoining counties. It was the first to receive its full quota of men and should have been numbered the 1st instead of the 6th. The Battery left Lone Rock on September 30th, 1861, going to Camp Utley at Racine where it remained until March 1862, when it was sent south, taking part in many fierce battles.

On the monument are listed four important battles in which the 6th Battery took part: Vicksburg, Jackson, Corinth and Mission Ridge. The monument contains the names of the enlisted men as well as the officers of the Battery. It also has a metal cast of Capt. Dillon and underneath his likeness it says he died January 10, 1882, at the age of 53 years and four months.

On March 1, 1882, a GAR post was organized at Lone Rock with a membership of 22 with N. B. Hood as commander. It was given the name of Henry Dillon Post No. 24, in honor of the late captain. While the Battery Grounds has nothing to do with cemeteries it should be noted that members of the 6th Battery found final rest in many a burying ground in Richland County. Capt. Dillon is buried in the Button cemetery not far from his farm home in Buena Vista.