War Memorials of Wisconsin

M1857 12-pdr. 'Napoleon' bronze field gun in La Crosse, WI

In the Oak Grove Cemetery along Hwy 16 by the UW campus two of these guns can be found; one on either side of a statue of a civil war soldier.

The gun shown on this page is the one to the soldier's left in the overall view below. The barrel measures 72.5 inches long.

Overall view of GAR statue and both guns (photo by John Anderson)

Left side view (photo by John Anderson)

Muzzle face - stamped "No. 314" (registry number), "Revere Copper Co.", "1212 lbs.", "1863" (date), and the initials "T.J.R." (photo by John Anderson)

Right trunnion - "316" on shoulder which is referred to as the foundry number
(photo by John Anderson)

Close up of breech - the small pads at the top and bottom of the breech are present on barrels made by these foundries: Alger, Ames, and Revere. The muzzle face indicates this is a Revere Copper Co. gun.
(photo by John Anderson)

Top of barrel at trunnion looking forward - note "U. S." (photo by John Anderson)

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