War Memorials of Wisconsin

Memorials in Sheboygan, Wisconsin

There are 3 known memorials in Sheboygan, WI:

Type of Memorial Memorial Photo(s) Location GPS Map(s) Date Obtained
Armor M60A3 tank VFW Post 9156 & Am. Legion
Post 83, 552 S Evans St.
N 43 44.947'
W 87 44.190'
Armor M60A3 tank Veterans Memorial Park,
Union Ave between 24th & 25th St.
N 43 43.934'
W 87 44.116'
Statues Soldiers Monument see below Fountain park ? n/a 17Oct1889


Soldiers Monument
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The dedication of the monument erected to the memory of the soldiers of Sheboygan county, who perished in the war, was fittingly celebrated on October 17, 1889, by the most imposing ceremonies ever witnessed in Sheboygan.

At an early hour, visitors began coming in from all parts of the county by hundreds, and all incoming trains were crowded with people anxious to witness the unveiling of the finest Soldiers monument in this part of the Wisconsin. The music of bands and the clamor of drum corps began at dawn and continued almost uninterruptedly during the entire the day. The U.S. steamer, Andy Johnson, came into harbor during the forenoon and added the noise of her cannon to the general din of the celebration.

Mayor Seaman had issued a proclamation, advising the closing of all places of business and for the most part, the order was obeyed.

Among the distinguished visitors who attended were Governor Hoard, Senator Spooner, Secretary of State Timme, State Treasurer Harshaw, Insurance Commissioner Cheek and Attorney General Estabrook.

Upon arrival of the train from Milwaukee, the gentlemen were escorted to a carriage and the parade took up the line of march. There were over 40 organizations in the procession, the largest number ever witnessed in the history of the city. All the GAR posts in the county and the marines of the Andy Johnson were among the 2,000 people who marched in the procession. There were probably 10,000 visitors in the city that day. The governor, senator and state officers reviewed the parade from their carriages on Ontario Street between 6th and 7th.

The soldiers monument had been erected in Sheboygan's Fountain Park, under the auspices of the Grand Army of the Republic. When the county refused to raise money for the monument by taxation, the GAR held a fair, which raised $2,000. Thomas Blackstock, a patriotic citizen, contributed $1,000 more.

The monument was contructed of Barre granite, standing 46 feet high and weighing 80 tons.

After music by the band, William H. Seaman gave a history of the movement to erect the monument and the shaft was unveiled. Senator Spooner then delivered the address of the day, dedicating the monument.

from the Milwaukee Sentinel, October 18, 1889