War Memorials of Wisconsin

Maxim-Nordenfelt 6-pdr. gun in Monroe, WI

This 57mm gun is reportedly from the Spanish flagship Marie Theresa which was captured by the U.S. Navy in the Battle of Santiago on July 3, 1898.  Spanish Teresa Class armored cruisers (Infanta Marķa Teresa, Vizcaya and Oquendo) engaged in the Santiago battle each carried 8 of these guns.

They were initially bought from Maxim-Nordenfelt Co. Ltd. but later manufactured in Spain by Placencia de las Armas factory (a subsidiary of Maxim-Nordenfelt Co.).  The Spanish Nordenfelt or (Maxim-Nordenfelt) 57 mm gun was used by Spanish Navy as an anti-torpedo boat quick fire piece.

Some sources identify this as a Hotchkiss QF 6-pounder; others as a Maxim-Nordenfelt 6-pounder.

Marker (photo by John Anderson)

Left side (photo by John Anderson)

Left rear view (photo by John Anderson)

Rear view (photo by John Anderson)

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