War Memorials of Wisconsin

M60A3 tank in Neenah, WI

This memorial is in Mahler Park which is in the Township of Neenah but outside of the city limits of Neenah .

Registration number below left headlight is unreadable due to heavy paint.

Left front View (photo by Robert Buettner)

Left side View (photo by John Anderson)

Left rear View (photo by John Anderson)

Plates attached to hull above towing pintle (photo by John Anderson)

Left upper engine deck: Serial Number 4103M, Registration Number 09B7514
This tank was rebuilt at the Mainz Army Depot in Germany to M60A3 standards. (photo by Robert Buettner)

Serial number on left front tow lug: apparently ground off during the rebuild process. (photo by Robert Buettner)

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