War Memorials of Wisconsin

Welcome to War Memorials of Wisconsin!

Our Mission:
War Memorials of Wisconsin strives to locate and document every War Memorial on public display in Wisconsin. These war memorials include military hardware, e.g. aircraft, armored vehicles, artillery, helicopters, etc., as well as markers and statues.

1. Privately owned ex-military hardware not on public display are not within the scope of this website.
2. Replicas of military hardware, e.g. aircraft replicas and Civil War cannon replicas were not actually used by various armed forces so are therefore not within the scope of this website.

Getting started:
For those of you visiting this website for the first time we recommend you begin with the "Listing of Memorials" link which can be found in the header and footer of each page.

We recommend that return visitors periodically visit the "What's New" page which is a on-going record of additions to this website.

For those of you who are familiar with our website you may have noticed that we have switched to a different server and have upgraded the site.  The old War Memorials of Wisconsin site is no longer being maintained or updated but can still be viewed here for a limited time.