War Memorials of Wisconsin

Memorials in Chilton, Wisconsin

There are 2 known memorials in Chilton, WI:

Type of Memorial Memorial Photo(s) Location GPS Map(s) Date Obtained
Artillery M1 57mm
anti-tank gun
n/a Town Hall,
School St.
N 44 01.753'
W 88 09.874'
Statues Civil War Monument see below Calumet County Courthouse,
206 Court Street
? n/a 1902


Civil War Monument
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The memorial was erected in 1902 and is inscribed:

In memory of
Calumet County's
deceased soldiers
Presented to the
City of Chilton
by Anton Kocher
of Chilton, Wis.
Late of Company B
13th Wis. Vol. Inf.