War Memorials of Wisconsin

(East) Unidentified iron muzzle-loader mountain howitzer in Cadott, WI

These two guns have been subsequently determined to be iron reproductions. They have the overall length and shape of M1835 12-pdr. bronze mountain howitzers. The 12-pdr. has a 4.62" bore; whereas these reproductions have an extremely thick barrel wall and a ~2.35" bore.

There are two of these unidentified iron mountain howitzers at the Wisconsin Veterans Tribute in Cadott, WI. The barrel bore measures ~2.35 inches at the muzzle face. The overall length of this gun is ~37 5/8 inches. No stamped or engraved markings were noted that would indicate manufacturer, vintage, or weight; however the ends of the trunnion are not visible as mounted.

This page shows the East gun which is the one on the right in the first photo below.

Overall view (looking North toward I-29) - (photo by John Anderson)

Left rear view (photo by John Anderson)

Top view showing barrel shape (photo by John Anderson)

Closeup of muzzle face shows no markings. It does appear that the barrel bore has been sleeved. The bore measures ~2.35 inches. (photo by John Anderson)

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