War Memorials of Wisconsin

Type 88 75mm anti-aircraft gun

The Japanese Type 88 75mm AA gun was the standard mobile anti-aircraft artillery weapon. It was in service from 1927 - 1945 and over 2000 were made. It was used both in defense of airfields against ground attack and in a dual-purpose role as an anti-aircraft and coast-defence gun. For anti-tank purposes it had the advantage of all around traverse and the disadvantage of limited mobility.

There is 1 known Type 88 75mm anti-aircraft gun on display in Wisconsin.  It is at the following location:

City Located Photo(s) Gun info Mount info Location GPS Map(s)
Lowell, WI No.4281 No.4281 VFW Post 9392,
280 South St
N 43 20.170'
W 88 49.176'

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