War Memorials of Wisconsin

Spanish 4.8 inch rifled-bore bronze gun at Camp Randall Park in Madison, WI

Just East of the UW football stadium are the few acres comprising Camp Randall Park which was part of a much larger training camp and prisoner of war facility during the Civil War. The bronze gun shown below is located just North of the Civil War jail along Monroe St.

According to US Gov't records of Spanish-American War trophies dispersed to various states this is a 4.8 inch rifle. The engraving and wording stamped on the barrel (shown below) indicates this Spanish gun was made in 1794 with copper from Mexico.

Left side - the gun appears oversize for the wheels of this carriage (photo by John Anderson)

Rear view - note what appear to be railroad wheels inboard of the wooden wheels. Is this the correct carriage for this gun? (photo by John Anderson)

Wording is "No.3332.SEVILLA.20.DE.NOVIEMBRE.DE.1794". This means it was made in Seville, Spain 11/20/1794. (photo by John Anderson)

A "work of art" is engraved on the barrel. It is the royal cipher of Spanish King Charles IV who ruled 1788-1808. (photo by John Anderson)

Left trunnion is stamped "COBRES.DE.MEXICO  RIOTNCO". This means the founder used copper mined in Mexico. (photo by John Anderson)

Right trunnion is stamped "P.3600" whcih indicates weight in pounds. (photo by John Anderson)

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