War Memorials of Wisconsin

Spanish 18-pounder bronze gun at Riverside Park in La Crosse, WI

This memorial at Riverside Park is located near the flagpole. The plaques attached to either side of the concrete base indicate this is a U.S.S. Maine memorial. If this is a war trophy from the ensuing Spanish-American War then it would have already been over 100 years old when captured.

The barrel inside diameter measures ~5.25 inches at the muzzle face. Based on this diameter it is believed to be a 18-pounder. The engraving and wording stamped on the barrel (shown below) indicates this is a Spanish gun made in 1787 with copper from Mexico.

Left side (photo by John Anderson)

U.S.S. Maine memorial plaque (photo by John Anderson)

Right front view (photo by John Anderson)

Wording is "No.1701.SEVILLA.19.DE.OCTUBRE.DE.1787". This means it was made in Seville, Spain 10/19/1787. (photo by John Anderson)

A "work of art" is engraved on the barrel. It is the royal cipher of Spanish King Charles III who ruled 1759-1788. (photo by John Anderson)

Left trunnion is stamped "COBRE.DE.MEXICO". This means the founder used copper mined in Mexico.
(photo by John Anderson)

Right trunnion is stamped "P.4375" which indicates weight in pounds. (photo by John Anderson)

Spanish cannons of this period were each given a unique name. This one was named "PELEADOR" ("fighter") and was engraved onto the top of the barrel between the muzzle and the trunnions. (photo by John Anderson)

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