War Memorials of Wisconsin

M1912 4.7 inch howitzer in Algoma, WI

This memorial is located in American Legion Park by the lakefront.

Overall view (photo by John Anderson)

Right front view (photo by John Anderson)

Patent plate attached to the right side of the recoil housing just ahead of the gunners shield. (photo by John Anderson)

Right rear view (photo by John Anderson)

Right rear closeup view (photo by John Anderson)

Rear view. When comparing this photo (of what is believed to be a M1912) with the comparable photo of the Kewaunee howizter (a M1908) it can be seen that these two howitzers differ in the areas of the spade design and the front hinged panel cover relative sizes. (photo by John Anderson)

Rear closeup view (photo by John Anderson)

Front view (photo by John Anderson)

View of spade area showing missing carriage dataplate (photo by John Anderson)

Muzzle face - Top half lists "Watervliet Arsenal" (manufacturer) and "1911" (year of manufacture), at bottom left is "1070 POUNDS" (weight), and at bottom right is "No.5 E.D.?." (registration number and inspector's initials) - (photo by John Anderson)

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