War Memorials of Wisconsin

M1900 5 inch coastal defense gun

The M1900 5 inch coastal defense gun was manufactured by Watervliet Arsenal and mounted in a M1903 pedestal. At the time these guns were the new generation of light caliber guns that could fire as many as 20 to 30 rounds per minute for short periods of time and had a range of approximately 7.5 miles. These guns were loaded with metal cartridges weighing about 84 pounds, which contained the projectile and the propellant. A number of these were emplaced in the San Francisco Bay area.

There is 1 known M1900 5 inch coastal defense gun on display in Wisconsin.  It is at the following location:

City Located Photo(s) Gun info Mount info Location GPS Map(s)
Stanley, WI Watervliet Arsenal No.6 concrete display base Am. Legion Post 112 memorial,
corner of 1st Ave & Broadway St
N 44 57.587'
W 90 56.261'

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