War Memorials of Wisconsin

M1885 3.2 inch field gun in Waterford, WI

This artillery piece is located on the corner of Hwys 20/83 and N. River Rd.  As can be seen in the photos decades of outdoor display have taken a toll on the wooden wheel spokes.

Right rear view (photo by John Anderson)

Left rear view (photo by John Anderson)

Left side view (photo by John Anderson)

Left front view (photo by John Anderson)

Barely readable stamping info the muzzle face: Watervliet Arsenal (at top), M.I. 1889 (at 4 o'clock position),
No.8 (at bottom),811 Lbs. (at 8 o'clock position). - (photo by John Anderson)

Note "U.S." on top of the trunnion area. (photo by John Anderson)

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