War Memorials of Wisconsin

M1857 12-pdr. 'Napoleon' bronze field gun in Sussex, WI

This gun is located inside the armory and has been mounted to a replica wooden carriage. This gun was formerly mounted on top of a concrete display base in Armory Park in Whitefish Bay, WI.

Left front view (photo by John Anderson)

Left rear view (photo by John Anderson)

Right side view (photo by John Anderson)

Muzzle face - stamped "No. 276" (registry number), "Revere Copper Co.", "1218 lbs.", "1863" (date), and the initials "T.J.R." (photo by John Anderson)

Right trunnion - "278" on shoulder which is referred to as the foundry number (photo by John Anderson)

Close up of breech - the small pads at the top and bottom of the breech are present on barrels made by these foundries: Alger, Ames, and Revere. The muzzle face indicates this is a Revere Copper Co. gun.
(photo by John Anderson)

Top of barrel at trunnion looking forward - note "U. S." (photo by John Anderson)

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