War Memorials of Wisconsin

(North) M1857 12-pdr. bronze field gun in Racine, WI

There are two of these civil war cannons in front of Memorial Hall along Park Avenue in Racine. The photos on this page concern the North one which is the one on the left side of the steps in the first photo below.

Overall view of Park Ave side of Memorial Hall and both guns (photo by John Anderson)

Left side view (photo by John Anderson)

Muzzle face has been refinished many times removing stamped detail - believed to be stamped "No. 51"
(registry number), "C.A. & Co."(Cyrus Alger & Co.), "122? lbs.", "186?" (date), and the initials "T.J.R."
(photo by John Anderson)

Close up of breech - the small pads at the top and bottom of the breech are present on barrels made by these foundries: Alger, Ames, and Revere. From the very worn muzzle face it appears that this is a Cyrus Alger & Co. gun.
(photo by John Anderson)

Top of barrel at trunnion looking forward - note "U. S." (photo by John Anderson)

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