War Memorials of Wisconsin

M1 / M2 / M115 8 inch (203mm) howitzer

The U.S. Army adopted the M1 8 inch howitzer in 1928. The gun saw first action in WWII in North Africa.  After WWII it was renamed the M115 and continued to serve through the Korean and Vietnam Wars providing very accurate long-range fire.

The M1 has a breech ring that was screwed and shrunk to the barrel. The M2 variant had a breech ring that was also screwed but could be removed. The M1 carriage was "borrowed" from the M1 240 mm howitzer.

There is 1 known M1/M2/M115 8 inch howitzer on display in Wisconsin.  It is at the following location:

City Located Photo(s) Gun info Mount info Location GPS Map(s)
Camp Douglas, WI M2: Hughes Tool
1945 No.1406
M1: No.0352 Volk Field,
Wisc. National Guard Museum
N 43 55.442'
W 90 15.723'

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