War Memorials of Wisconsin

(East) 4.2 inch Navy Parrott rifle in Racine, WI

There are two of these civil war cannons at Monument Park in Racine. The photos on this page concern the East one which is the right one in the first photo below.

Overall view of the monument base and both guns (photo by John Anderson)

Right side view (photo by John Anderson)

Left rear view (photo by John Anderson)

Stamped on top of breech - "R.P.P." (initials of inventor Robert Parker Parrott) "No.228" (registry number) "3650 LBS."
(photo by John Anderson)

Close up of left trunnion face - "R.B.H."
(photo by John Anderson)

Close up of right trunnion face - "1863"(year of mfr) "30 PDR" (30 pounder) "4.2" (gun bore in inches); trunnion shoulder stamped "227" (foundry number)
(photo by John Anderson)

Muzzle view - note absence of markings on the muzzle face (photo by John Anderson)

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