War Memorials of Wisconsin

Krupp 10cm Kanone 1899 field gun

The Krupp 10cm Kanone 1899 field gun was developed for the German Foot Artillery. The Germans in this time period had two branches of artillery, the Foot Artillery and the Field Artillery. There was a 10,5cm shell type also in use with the Field Artillery and so to not confuse these two very different shell types (in terms of which gun/howitzer would chamber them) they simply designated the Foot Artillery shells of 10,5cm diameter as 10cm.

There is 1 known Krupp 10cm Kanone 1899 field gun on display in Wisconsin.  It is at the following location:

City Located Photo(s) Gun info Mount info Location GPS Map(s)
Unity, WI 10.5cm Krupp
1902 Nr.14
city park between Hwy 13 (Front St) and S Madison St. N 44 50.994'
W 90 18.960'

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